Let’s try this again…

For a brief time, I was a professional writer again.

In search of a few extra bucks, I took on a gig as a Yahoo Contributor. Not a high-profile or high-paying job – $1.00 per thousand views – but it gave me a little practice, and I had some new bylines to put on a resume. Over the course of six months, I knocked out about a dozen articles; I was the official beat writer covering University of Louisville football, and added a few other stories (sports and non-sports) here and there.

And then the rug got pulled out – Yahoo dumped its Contributor program, permanently and completely dumping all of its content. There goes my web presence. I had intended to use this space to promote and market my paid work, but that’s evidently out the window. (In the meantime, personal events pulled me away from my blogs, so content completely dried up for awhile.)

On the good side, I had enough notice to download and save all of my content. The bad news is, I’m going to dump it all on here (and on my sports blog), so my next fly-by night writing application can include an active link. Hopefully, it won’t clog up your Reader. I’m going to plug some new content here, also, just to keep an ongoing conversation going.

By the way, I had a total of 50,000 hits or so, putting $50 into my PayPal account. That’s something, at least…


3 thoughts on “Let’s try this again…

  1. Hi Dave! Your obviously well versed in the “art” of blogging, while I’m just a “toddler blogger” lol. I understand what you’re saying about Yahoo shutting down its contributor program. What I’m confused about is how you went on to say “By the way, I had a total of 50,000 hits or so, putting $50 into my PayPal account.”
    Were you referring to Yahoo or is this a different way to earn money through blogging? Thank you. Btw, your theme and choice of pics is Grade A!

    • Ms, I was talking about the Yahoo contributor program. It paid about $1 for each 1,000 views your story received. In the end, it wasn’t much for the time I put in, but it was a good incentive for me to start writing again.

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