Don’t Be Too Rough On Andy Dalton

Dalton 2I would have fired Marv Lewis.

If I owned the Bengals, he would been handed his walking papers before he left the field after losing to San Diego. I would have interrupted his postgame comments to fire him, live before a national television audience. Too many years of playoff futility.

But the folks wanting to get rid of Andy Dalton, they’re wrong. He’s had three spectacular playoff failures (one touchdown, six interceptions, three straight losses) to start his career, but that’s not enough of a record to justify dumping him. He’s still young, and has plenty of time to improve.

In his three year career, he’s thrown for 80 touchdowns and 11,000 yards. His numbers and rating have improved each year. He threw for 33 touchdowns this year alone. During the regular season, he’s done everything anyone would want of a franchise quarterback (ok, except the interceptions – 20 this year). If he can get over the playoff hump, he would unquestioningly be the franchise quarterback so many teams look for. And they are hard to find – if they weren’t, every team would have one.

So the pitchfork and torch crowd needs to slow down and give Dalton a little more time to prove himself. He may work out, he may not. But he’s earned the chance to try.


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