Shifting Focus

I started this blog a few weeks ago, shortly after I began writing about the Louisville football team for Yahoo. My original intent was to set this site up as a go-to spot for local sports info, while promoting my writings.

Two problems with that. One, there are many, many people doing that already; the market’s overcrowded. And they’re doing a very good job of it. Two, in any circumstance, I don’t have the time to do it justice.

So I’m going to take new aim here. The name stays, as does the shameless huckstering of my Yahoo columns. I’ll also be adding the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds to my Yahoo beat list soon, so yeah, they’ll be here too. I know, Cincinnati isn’t Louisville. But my blog = my rules.

Overall, this will be a forum for anything sports-related that catches my interest. On top of my Yahoo beats, I’ll be obsessing over college football (I’m prone to anti-SEC rants), the Buffalo Bills and the Olympics. It won’t be the go-to spot for everything Louisville, but hopefully it will be more interesting and worthwhile reading.


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