Well, That Sucked.

SucksBig time.

It didn’t seem farfetched to think that the 11-1 Cardinals would easily beat Kentucky, a 9-3 group of individual talents that had no concept how to play together as a team. Until tonight.

Chugging along with a short lead late into the fourth quarter, Capilari’s crew finally got a clue and took charge. The Cards never stood a chance.

What does this mean for Louisville? It means they need to do some soul-searching. The loss to UNC, that happens. But the big games, the rivalry games, the must-wins, those are the games that big-time teams, the ones who think they’re championship material, absolutely, positively, do not, cannot lose. Especially like the Cards did tonight. They have the talent, they have the skill, they have the coaching. What they don’t have is the mental fortitude that separates the winners from the losers.

But more importantly, what does it mean for me? In the long run, not much. Fortunately, I had no money on the game. But I did lost bragging rights. I share an office with a young man from Lexington. Not just share with, I supervise him – I write his job evaluations, and generally get to boss him around on a day-to-day basis. But for the next year, he won the right to rub my nose in the fact that his team beat my team.

ScreenshotAnd because this is sports, he’s allowed by the man’s code to do so ad nasuem, without any fear of repercussion. My only hope is to suffer through March and hope they meet again in the NCAA Tournament.

If that happens, it’ll be a different game. The Cards will not allow themselves to be humiliated again like that.

Hope springs eternal.


2 thoughts on “Well, That Sucked.

  1. LOL, hey I am a huge Chicago Bears fan in IL. I love football season, not the winters the older I get. I love NASCAR and INDY been to both. Nothing like LIVE Action and being there, smelling the fuel and watching for “crashes.” Funny how our lives crash all the time, and we get back up and keep going. But in some Car crashes people die, I will miss Paul Walker, his fast and furious movies rock. About time I commented eh? LOL.

  2. We’re in the same boat – 20 years in Buffalo made me a diehard Bills fan, but hate – HATE – winter. Not much into car racing, though I did take a tour of the track in Charlotte during a vacation not long ago. Nice to finally have someone comment! Feel free to visit again!

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