All Things Louisville Football

Louisville-Cardinals-FootballSo I’ve jumped back into sportswriting. Not so much jumped but dived, cannonballing into the cold, murky waters of pay-per-hit online sportswriting.

My first freelance gig has been with Yahoo Sports, covering the U. of Louisville football team. As much as I enjoy college football, these guys have been mostly off my radar, even though they play half an hour from my house. It’s been an uphill battle trying to write again – I’m rusty, I came into this knowing little about my beat, and my full-time job doesn’t leave me enough time to do my columns justice.

The last point has been driven home by readers – 5,418 of them so far. One thing print newspapers never had was a comment section at the end of each story, but online, they do. And boy, do people take advantage. It goes with the territory; if you don’t have a thick skin, this is the wrong business for you. My opinions are sharply disagreed with; one anonymous reader (they’re always anonymous) called me ignorant; and no positive remarks about the team can pass without someone caveating that Louisville plays in a weak conference. (Refer to the official Troll Dictionary: Weak Conference = Not the SEC).

I’ve also been called boring. That hurt.

So I’ve put four Cardinal stories into print. In the interests of making another $1, if I can get another 1,000 readers, here’s my output so far.

Louisville Cardinals Built for Long-Term Success in ACC – The Cards are more than ready to compete at the highest levels of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

It’s Teddy Bridgewater’s Time to Declare for NFL Draft – When you’re a quarterback projected to be the top pick of the NFL Draft, it’s hard to find reasons to stay in school. They do exist, it’s just hard to see them.

Louisville Football Aiming to Compete for National Championship – Yes, I’m serious. They have a ways to go, but they’re closer than most people think.

Louisville’s Vance Bedford Makes Coaching Defense Look Easy – Michigan State supposedly set the standard for defense this year. Defensive Coordinator Bedford’s D was better.


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